About Us

"Eat Well & Live Long!"

That's the motto our Founder Bill Higgins began many years ago when he purchased a parcel of agricultural land just off of Route 29 on the way from Saratoga Springs to Schuylerville. "I knew I wanted to grow something that would put the land to its best use, as well as economic benefits for myself, I just didn't know what" states Bill, who majored in biology during his college years and describes himself as an ecologist at heart

A meeting with Vito Latilla from the Manhattan Fruit Exchange at Chelsea Market helped Higgins narrow the planting field down to something that would easily lend itself to gourmet recipes and ever-growing agri-marketing circles. He started small -- just a few pounds of a certified German white porcelain variety of garlic at first and gradually built up to five acres.

Bill wanted to go beyond planting garlic so he teamed up with some of the area's leading chefs. He set the criteria to meet rigid standards for versatility, stability, consistency, ease of use and superior flavor. The results were five simply wonderful Organic Garlic Aiolis Sauces that can be used as a sauce, a light garlic mayonnaise, or garlic marinade. They are superb with fish, meat, vegetables or a wonderful accompaniment to simple crudities. In addition Bill created our own Lemon Dill Pickled Garlic which is out of this world!

It was soon thereafter that production really kicked into high gear as Saratoga Garlic went from being a specialty store item to a strong (though not overpowering) presence on the shelves of gourmet display cases in major grocery stores such as Hannaford and Price Chopper.

In response to customer request, the team developed a line of Saratoga Garlic accessories and gift boxes.

It's little wonder that Bill finds his role as the founder and owner of Saratoga Garlic so rewarding. "As a company, we strive to produce innovative and high quality products that make cooking a great meal easy for our customers. But why stop there?" he asks. "We want to make your life easier and to provide you with valuable information on the health benefits of eating garlic -- many of which can be documented as far back as 4,000 years ago."

Bill is proud that his garlic sauces start from scratch at Homestead View Farm, where an expert team handles and oversees all aspects from planting and product production through shipping. "If you look at a clove of garlic, you see only one form -- the outside," he notes, "It's not until you begin to peel away the layers that you see the individual cloves. That's how it is with the Saratoga Garlic Company. It's a real group effort ... all the individual parts contribute something important to the whole."